USB Port Damaged (All Models)$99.99
Screen Damaged (Digitizer + LCD Screen Replacement (Excluding OLED Model)$149.99
Battery Draining Fast$69.99
Joy-Con Controllers not Connecting/Charging on Switch.$39.99 (1 side) / $59.99 (Both Sides)
Joy-Con Drift (Send to Nintendo for Free)
Not Charging (USB Port not Damaged)$89.99-$109.99
No Display on TV when Inserting Switch in Dock$99.99*
Error 2153-0321 When Turning Switch On$39.99-$79.99
Game Card Not Being Detected / Will Not Start$79.99-$89.99
MicroSD Card Not Being Detected (Working MicroSD Card)$49.99
Headphone Jack Damaged$59.99
*Price is subject to change due to various factors that could cause the problem. Price is based off of the most common issue.