Getting Started

  • Do you provide any warranty on the work you perform?

    Of course!  All work comes with a 60-Day warranty.  This warranty covers the repair itself.  If it fails, it will be fixed at no extra cost!  However, the exception is if use error causes damage to the replaced part then it can not be covered.  An example of this would be having a PS5 HDMI Port replaced and then that port becoming physically damaged again after it has left MicroGamingRepairs.  The manufacturer of the console would also not cover this type of damage.  If somehow a pin was not soldered correctly the first time and the port failed in this way it would 100% be covered under the 60-Day warranty

  • There's many scams out there, how can I trust that you will not steal my item and / or do good work?

    I pride myself in providing the best service possible and a service that is not very easy to find at an affordable rate.  This is why I personally ask (although optional) that all of my customers leave a review on their experience with me.

    Reviews can be found at the following links below:,1,,,

    Youtube videos of some of my work can also be found here:


  • What currency are you charging in and what methods of payment do you accept?

    This is a Canadian based company.  All charges are in CAD

    Payment can be accepted in the following forms:



    -Cryptocurrency (Please inquire as to what I accept as this can change from time to time)

    -Paypal (Restrictions apply to protect myself from charge back scams)

  • I tried to do a repair myself and made it worse. Would you be able to repair my console?

    Depending on the extent of the damage then yes, I could take a look at it for sure.  It is highly recommended that you do not try to do any sort of repair if you are unsure of what to do, especially when it comes to soldering.

    The best way I have explained this to people is simply "If the repair would cost you $100 in cheap equipment, why not just spend the $100 (or slightly more) on getting a professional to do it right the first time".  However I will always encourage those who would like to try it out themselves to read, research and  then decide.

  • What if you can't repair my console? Will you charge me a fee?

    There are 2 answers to this question:

    1 - If your console has NEVER been opened for any type of repair and my attempt cannot fix the issue, there will be NO FEE.  I don't believe it is fair to charge a fee for something I cannot do.

    2 - If your console has BEEN OPENED before for any type of repair and my attempt cannot fix the issue, there will be a $35.00 fee billed as a Repair Attempt (Previous) charged.

    Regardless of why your console was not able to be repaired, it will be explained to you as clearly as possible as to why I was not able to repair it.

  • Can I ship you my console in the mail?

    Definitely!  If you will need to ship your console to me directly, you can use the postal code L1V 0B1 as the postal code to get a shipping quote.  If it is a fair price, please contact me with the dimensions and weight of the package before sending so a full estimate with shipping can be provided to you.  MicroGamingRepairs uses a service called ChitChats which generally offers much cheaper rates for businesses.

    Shipping is available worldwide!

  • Are you a brick and mortar business? I can't find your address.

    MicroGamingRepairs is a home-based business.  This not only allows me to control my workflow, but also allows me to offer much lower rates than a shop due to much less overhead.  For safety reasons I do not give my personal address out to the public in general unless they are local and have set up a day and time to bring their console in for a repair.  Mail-in repairs are picked up from a local UPS mail box that is rented.

  • I just need a part, I can do the installation myself. Will you sell me a part or parts?

    Feel free to send an inquiry if you want parts.  I will do my best to accommodate your request and give a price however I can't sell everything I have, I do need to keep certain parts on hand for repairs.